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♥Name: joshua lapoint
♥Status (with pics) :
♥ Hobbies :skating playing gutair and video games

General Likes/Dislikes

♥ 10 Bands You Love
[2]led zepplin
[4]pink floyd
[5]my chemical romance
[6]system of a down
[7]taking back sunday
[8]the beatles
[9]the beach boys
[10]ozzy ozzborne

♥ 5 Songs You Just Have To Singalong To

[1]the ghst of you by my chemical romance
[2]radio/video by system of a down
[3]great romances of the 20th century by taking back sunday
[4]another brick in the wall by pink floyd
[5]favor house alantic by coheed and cambria
♥ 6 Bands You Wish You Could Shoot

[2]avra levine
[3]velvet revoulver
[4]lil bow wow
[5]r kelly

♥ 3 Songs That Make Your Ears Bleed And Why

[1]american idiot by greenday radio played it out
[2]photograph by nicleback its just stupid
[3]happy by mudvayne old stuff is better

♥ 4 Movies You Love
[1]Lord of the rings
[3]monty python and the holy grial

♥ 4 Movies You Could Sleep Through
[1]napolean dynomite
[2]a barney movie
[3]barbie movies
[4]any thing my sister watches

This And That (And Why)

MCR or BSB :is bsb back street boys but any why defanintly mcr
Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan :Hilary Duff she is hotter
Paris Hilton or Yourself :paris hilton she is alot hotter than i am but also a slutso i am going to choose my self
Pretty or Intelligent :pretty since i am already intellagent or are you talking aboutm a spouse then i would probly choose intelligent then she can get a good job and buy preetyness
Girls or Guys :girls im not gay
Cars or Bikes :bikes cars waste gas and kill the ozone and people, and bike you use your own bower but i would rather use a skateboard


Vegetables:they are good
Sex before Marriage:well i cant say no since i already had sex
Religion: i am a mormon
Fame: i have none so yes i would like to havew it
Homosexuality:people have their own choices and they can do what they want
A Topic Of Your Choice :democtratic parties i am a communist

♥Pictures & Promotions & other crap

4 Pictures go here if you want the pictures

Promote in 4 Different places and give proof
(If you don't ... then don't bother applying bitch!)

and then one i have on live jornal

Make me laugh?ok get your mind clear of everthing and say the worsd pudding outloud

How did you hear about us? from a very hot girl named jenny that lives in england
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