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♥Name: Erin or Chii
♥Age: 15
♥Sex: Female
♥Sexuality: Bisexual (Or pansexual, if you know what that is)
♥Status (with pics) : I have a great boyfriend, at the moment.
I know he’s a dork, but he’s my dork :D
&&Sorry the picture is horrible. It’s all I have right now =/
Image hosted by
♥ Hobbies : I’m a huge nerd. I play video games and mess around on the computer for hours. More than anything, I like downloading music and going to concerts.

General Likes/Dislikes

♥ 10 Bands You Love
((This is really hard for me…))
[1] UnderOATH
[2] Bright Eyes
[3] Hawthorne Hieghts
[4] Panic! At The Disco
[5] Placebo
[6] The Dresden Dolls
[7] System Of A Down
[8] Hot Hot Heat
[9] Nine Inch Nails
[10] The Blood Brothers

♥ 5 Songs You Just Have To Sing-along To

[1] Black Eyed Peas♥Don’t Lie
[2] Placebo♥Special K
[3] Hot Hot Heat♥No, Not Now
[4] Smashing Pumpkins♥Bullet With Butterfly Wings
[5] The Honorary Title♥Everything I Once Had

♥ 6 Bands You Wish You Could Shoot

[1] Dashboard Confessional
[2] The Used
[3] Good Charlotte
[4] ACDC
[5] Unwritten Law
[6] Relient K

♥ 3 Songs That Make Your Ears Bleed And Why

[1] Pimpin’ All Over The World; The lyrics make me want to kill myself. I’ve never heard of anyone so slutty and conceited.
[2] Lonely; The whole squeaky chipmunk voice does not seem cute to me.
[3] That song about working out (?); It’s too perverted for me to handle. Girls on exercise bikes sweating their asses off doesn’t appeal to me.

♥ 4 Movies You Love
[1] A Clockwork Orange
[2] Donnie Darko
[3] The Rocky Horror Picture Show
[4] Party Monster

♥ 4 Movies You Could Sleep Through
[1] The Grudge
[2] The Ring 2
[3] Shark Tales
[4] The Mask

This And That (And Why)

MCR or BSB : MCR. BSB doesn’t have any musical talent in my opinion. I’m not much of a teeny-bopper anyways.
Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan : I suppose Hilary, just because she’s not anorexic and doesn’t sing about not wanting attention she tries too hard to get.
Paris Hilton or Yourself : Paris. I’ll put anyone over myself.
Pretty or Intelligent : Intelligent. I’m not concerned with most things physical whatsoever.
Girls or Guys : Girls, I suppose. I actually adore cross dressing boys.
Cars or Bikes : Bikes. They’re more work, but Americans are entirely too lazy anyways.


Vegetables: Pshhh, overrated. We could get the same nutrients from a tiny capsule.
Sex before Marriage: Completely up to you. I, for one, don’t plan on doing it again until I’m much older and have a serious relationship.
Religion: Religion is a good thing if it’s making you a better person and you’re keeping it personal. There’s no reason for you to push your beliefs on anyone.
Fame: I’ve never understood fame and never will. I hate the carbon-copied celebrities you see winning awards that don’t actually mean anything.
Homosexuality: I’m for homosexual rights 100%. Once I turn 18, I plan on doing something to help homosexuals gain equal rights.
A Topic Of Your Choice : How ‘bout abortion? I’m pro-choice. I don’t think I’d ever have an abortion personally. I’d probably kill myself if I ended up pregnant. However, I think the government has no right to be so involved in personal lives.

♥Pictures & Promotions & other crap

4 Pictures
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Image hosted by
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Promote in 4 Different places and give proof
My LiveJournal;
My other LiveJournal;

Make me laugh?
I have the strangest freakin’ sense of humor… but I crack myself up.

Hellz yeah

How did you hear about us? From the mod xthegirls

Thanks for taking your time to read my application__♥
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