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New Person


♥Name: Jessica Marie (I happen to like my middle name lol)
♥Age: 17
♥Sex: F
♥Sexuality: straight (even though I'm slightly bi-curious I don't think I'd ever follow through with the urges lol)
♥Status (with pics) : Long-Term Relationship (1 year, 4 months.. I think that qualifies as long term?)

♥ Hobbies : Err... I blog, write, edit photos... do stuff in PSP.. make random layouts. I am also deeply into reading. I love to read. Jacqueline Carey, Tamora Peirce, Raymond E. Fiest, J.K. Rowling, Tolkien, T. A. Barron... etc. Lol. And I am into Egyptology.

General Likes/Dislikes
I like anything with computers really. I'm a computer nerd and I admit it. Lol. I also like to take pictures. Not of myself (even though I do when I get bored lol) but just of .. everything. I don't know. One day I walked down my street and took pictures of mailboxes (my street has really interesting mailboxes). Things I don't like? Um.. people who aren't true to themselves. You know, those who just follow the trend to fit in?

♥ 10 Bands You Love
[2]Frou Frou (The band who did the ending theme to Shrek 2 and the "Let Go" song from Garden State)
[3]Rolling Stones
[5]Guns 'n' Roses
[6]Eric Clapton
[7]The Temptations
[8]Sarah McLaughlin (I feel like I spelt this wrong :/)
[9]Sugar Ray
[10]Aretha Franklin

♥ 5 Songs You Just Have To Singalong To

[1]Gorrilaz - Feel Good Inc.
[2]Matchbox 20 - Bent
[3]Sheryl Crowe - If It Makes You Happy
[4]Finger Eleven - One Thing
[5]Nine Inch Nails - Closer

♥ 6 Bands You Wish You Could Shoot

[1]Any bands that scream instead of sing (I don't know names sorry)
[2]Most rap.. but some of it is cool *shrug* (yet again no names)
[3]Michael Jackson's newer stuff.. blah (yes I like the stupid ABC 123 song lol)
[4]Jessica Simpson (she ruins good songs!)
[5]Allison Kraus (some country singer. I think that's her name)
[6]any band whose drum is louder than the singer

♥ 3 Songs That Make Your Ears Bleed And Why

[1]That Pink Floyd song with the cash register.. so annoying X.x
[2]Aaron Jackson - Drive.. I just hate that song. I really don't know why.
[3]I can't think of another one x.O

♥ 4 Movies You Love
[1]Ever After
[4]Pride and Prejudice

♥ 4 Movies You Could Sleep Through
[2]A Beautiful Mind (I didn't really give it a chance though. The beginning was so slow)
[3]March of the Penguins (I loved it the first time but you can only watch those types of movies once lol)

This And That (And Why)

MCR or BSB : I have no idea what either of these are X.x
Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan : Hilary Duff I guess. She looks a tad less slutty.
Paris Hilton or Yourself : Me. A good wind could blow her over. Lol.
Pretty or Intelligent : Intelligent. I'd rather understand a math eqasion and be liked for my mind rather than be liked for just my looks.
Girls or Guys : Guys. Sadly, I feel like they have a tad less of a mean streak in them. Some girls are just.. evil to other girls.
Cars or Bikes : Bikes. Feel the wind! Wooosh!


Vegetables: Most of 'em I like. I just really don't like carrots. And peas.
Sex before Marriage: To each their own. I mean if you want to, have fun. If you don't, that's cool too.
Religion: I don't really know anymore. I used to believe in God but I'm not so sure anymore.
Fame: I'd rather not be known throughout the world. I mean, I get enough email already.
Homosexuality: Yet again, to each their own. Not my style but I won't stop anyone else from being happy.
A Topic Of Your Choice : Religion. Specifically the Catholic. I get mad at the Catholic church a lot. They blind their followers. I mean, one of my friends told me that the USA doesn't have nukes because we're the nice country trying to help the bad ones. And I just kind of laughed and told her that we have more nukes than anyone in the world.

♥Pictures & Promotions & other crap

4 Pictures

Promote in 4 Different places and give proof
My Profile
AIM -> TheNekoAki

Make me laugh?
Ok, I'm going to tell you a cajun joke (I live in Louisiana so sue me lol). Boudreaux, Thibodeaux, Gauthreaux, and LeBlanc were fishing on the side of a bayou. A speedboat goes by and Boudreaux says to Thibodeaux "Mais, dos darn boats go so fast! Hey Thibodeaux! Whachu tink the fastest ting in da world is?" Thibodeaux replies, "A thought." Boudreaux says, "Mais, why?" Thibodaux replies, "Well, by the time you done thinkin about thinkin 'bout the thought, you done thought it already!" Boudreaux looks confused for a second and says, "Ok. Gauthreaux, what you tink the fastest thing on earth is?" Gauthreaux replies, "Electricity." Boudreaux asks him why. He says, "Well, I used ta work in a 300-foot long building. I'd flip da switch and turn around real fast and the light all da way on da other end would already be on!" Boudreaux then shoves LeBlanc over and says, "Meh, what YOU think the fastest thing is?" He says, "The blink of an eye." Boudreaux asks why. He says, "Well, by the time you done thinking about thinking about blinkin ya eye, you done blunk it already. So dat makes it faster than a thought eh?" Boudreaux looks confused again but doesn't say anything. Thibodeaux then says, "Mais Boudreaux, you askin all dees questions, whachu thinks da fastest thing on dis earth?" Boudreaux replies, "Diarhhea." Thibodeaux says, "WHAT?!" Boudreaux says, "Well the time you thought about it, turned on the light, and blunk you done shit yourself already!"

How did you hear about us?
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