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bitch_rawk's Journal

Put the gun in your mouth
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[x] Mods Rules - Do not argue [x]
[x] Fill in the application fully and post under an Lj-cut [x]
[x] You MUST apply within 2 days of joining [x]
[x] This is a bitchy community - if you can't handle critism leave now [x]
[x] If you read these rules put 'The Guns In Your Hand' as the lj-cut text [x]
[x] Do not post or comment on anything but your application until you have been stamped [x]
[x] Stay active [x]
[x] No racism or homophobic actions and words in here [x]
[x] If you are rejected you may apply within 3 days [x]
[x] You must promote at least once a week if you want to keep in thiscommunity [x]
[x] Do NOT typE LyK DiS - it pisses me off [x]
[x] If you get rejected don't be a sourpuss [x]
[x] You can only promote your community in here of a sunday [x]
[x] Please don't spam [x]

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Copy this into notepad or something.
Do NOT use rich text editor .. if you do you will be rejected automatically

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You will earn points during your stay at bitch_rawk .. These points add up so you can earn special prizes which equal to
♥ Co-mod for the month// 800 ♥
♥ A stamped banner// 75 ♥
♥ Member of The Month// more than anyone else ♥

[x] 5 points for every promotion you do outside of your application [x]
[x] 50 points for making a banner and it being used [x]
[x] 5 points for every picture put under a lj cut [x]
[x] - 5 points if you do not use lj-cuts for pictures or long entries [x]
[x] - points if the mods are in a bad mood [x]
[x] + points if we're in a good mood [x]
[x] 10 points for taking part in the themes [x]
[x] 15 points for every member you made join [x]

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Month : September

Anyone that participates in the theme will get 20 points

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Click For Banners

Click For Accepted/Rejected Banners

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[[ Mods ]]

♥ [[ Members ]] ♥
purplesky30 [[ 50 Points ]]
eiramik [[ 50 Points ]]
shadoweddreamer [[ 500 Points ]]

I'm looking for another co-mod, someone that will be able to stay as active as I am If you want to be a co-mod - please fill in this application

If you have been accepted but your username hasn't been put up please inform one of the mods

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